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Our Beliefs

At SHOPPING ENGINES, we hold a strong belief that a brand's success is driven by the creativity and passion of its creators. We aim to foster the legacy of remarkable, bold, and elegant brands by sharing the same vision as those who paved the way to their success. Our goal is to provide support and resources to help these brands flourish and continue to inspire consumers worldwide.

Our Story

SHOPPING ENGINES (Registered as eTOP Global Limited) is an entrepreneurial technology company that has developed a unique and innovative affiliate method for in-store shopping and sales growth.


Unlike traditional online affiliate programme our programme provides wider global patron resources and utilises a cutting-edge digital marketing e-platform to connect businesses directly with customers and maximise their sales, brand awareness, and market competitiveness.

Our innovative affiliate method directs our registered customers to your physical high-street stores, outlets, and warehouses for IN-STORE shopping exclusively, providing a supplementary method of customer acquisition via online affiliates and e-commerce. 

Our team firmly believes that excellent products and high-quality services are guaranteed by an outstanding team.

Global R&D Team

Our global R&D team consists of members from the most influential internet companies, who aim to integrate the best user experience into our digital marketing e-platform.

Cross-Industry Innovation

We are dedicated to cross-industry innovation, fusing mobile IT technology, digital marketing, retail business, and tourism to take the next big step in the innovative e-marketing platform.

Rich Experiences

Our team's rich experiences in cross-industry are driving us to unite mobile IT technology and the real economy, staying on top of the latest trends. Our deep understanding of consumer psychology and purchasing behaviour enables us to increase customer stickiness in our clients' physical retail stores.

We are committed to providing our clients with the best services and products, driven by our excellent team's skills, passion, and experience.

Our ​Team

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